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Zerksus Engineering was founded in 1997 by Victor Schutte and Andy Gartner. The original purpose of the business was to design and manufacture DC-DC converters and later on electro-muscle stimulators. Later in 1997 the focus changed and Zerksus started producing software for access control systems.   In 1998 Victor took over 100% control of Zerksus and begun to branch out into other fields especially in high-tech military computers.  Andy Gartner joined up with Coca-Cola's procurement team and relocated to Swaziland. The consultation side ran side by side with hardware development and access control software. 

Zerksus was put on ice from 2003 to 2005 when Victor acted as managing director of a sister company called Zertec Engineering.  The other director, Ron Wells, was the founder of two other prominent South African companies called Advanced Cabling (now part of Dimension Data) and FiberCom ( a major player in optic fiber in South Africa).  Zertec developed complex forms of access control for companies like Unitrans, SuperGroup and even a vehicle tracking/management system for Avis.

Zerksus was resurrected in February 2005. A decision was made to keep it a family business and to contract out any outsource-able work. This allowed Zerksus to grow in products and combined expertise without the problems of staff, office space and related overheads.

Zerksus is now involved in different levels of business, from low level supply of components,  medium level access control and high-tech-can-not-tell-anybody-about it projects. Affiliated to the business are many people involved in fields such as mechanical design and manufacture, electronic construction, software development, optical systems, FPGA and other logic expertise, alternative fuel saving technology, decorative lighting etc...   

We are currently situated in Centurion, South Africa. This fact is particularly important to people living in countries like the USA, UK and places where the exchange rate has such a large cost saving advantage. The South African Rand is 10 times weaker than the US dollar and even worse off to the Euro, making a sense for a foreign company to buy from us.

Zerksus aims to provide systems and solutions that makes life easier and a lower cost than expected.  We are also open to suggestions for new required systems.

... and also, if it is not FUN to do  then we are not interested.


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