Bergomi USB to RS422 converter (not optically isolated)

Minimum order quantity: 1 unit

The picture shows the circuit only. Normally packaged in a plastic box.

Most PCs have USB ports. Also, most new PCs do not have serial ports anymore. This leaves a void in the market normally filled with the USB to serial cables. The problem is that to add differential RS422 requires yet another circuit and an external power supply. The Bergomi USB to RS422 converter satisfies that requirement in a single circuit. Being connected directly on the USB port the circuit draws power (eliminating an external power supply) and has onboard RS422 drivers (eliminating an extra converter).

The unit's Windows drivers (downloadable from this site) will make the unit appear like a normal COM port. The unit can also be used with existing software like HyperTerminal. It has 2 LEDs showing data transmit and receive.

The unit can be used for own development or existing serial communication software where cable lengths exceeds the limit of RS232 (up to 15 meter). The cable length, depending on baud rate, can be up to 1000 meters.

This product is also used for access controllers and other Zerksus systems where RS422 is required.


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