Aircraft Cabling Service

(Only available in South Africa)


This page will soon be removed. The email address,  is also not valid anymore. Zerksus is not involved with microlights or Andre Maartens in any way.

Andre Maartens is also offering a small-aircraft re-wiring and certification service. If you have any queries please email

Don't think because you have just bought a brand new aeroplane that all it well. Below are before photos of a standard factory produced aircraft and Andre's handy work afterwards. You might be flying a death trap!!!


This is the mess Andre uncovered in this instrument panel. Numerous hazards lurking around.

Remember that loose wires will vibrate and eventually, by shorts, breaks and disconnections, will cause a malfunction.


This is the after photos.

Everything is now neat and SAFE.


So don't trust in the fact that because you have spend a small fortune on your flying wonder that it is inherently safe. Rather let an expert fix it up before you end up on the 8pm news.