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Buying Procedure

Read this line first: Currently no products are listed on the site that can be bought via Setcom. All transactions will, for the next few months, be conducted via EFT and only inside South Africa. Currently the information below is just for information and not applicable at present.


Zerksus is a South African business and we sell the majority of the products in Rand (ZAR).

Before you buy for the first time please click on this link to do a test purchase as testbuyer@setcom.com (password: testbuyer). You will buy a product on the test page from a seller called testseller5@setcom.com . Nothing dramatic will happen but you will be able to play with the service until you are ready to click for real. You won't receive any emails. As other Setcom clients use the testsellerx@setcom.com IDs you might get some weird responses after the last credit card step. With the real thing you will receive several email in both accepted and declined cases. Like I mention below, don't panic if something does go wrong, all will be sorted out.

Local South African Customers.

For the South African customers we can very accurately calculate the final price based on the number of units, handling, shipping , tax (VAT), and insurance. The items are packed and priced on volumetric weight and we get accurate fixed quotes from our courier company. We charge a small handling fee, as the courier company also carries stock and charges us for the picking of the items. VAT is fixed at 14%. For orders below R3000 insurance is automatically included. There are several delivery options ranging from using the PostNet (not recommended as things go missing) to next day delivery via the courier company. If you stay in the Pretoria area you might be lucky and get same day delivery. So, bottom line, the costs are predictable and you should receive your item if it is ex-stock in a fairly short time.

Outside South Africa

Now, if you don't live in paradise, i.e. anywhere outside the borders of South Africa (including Lesotho and Swaziland), then things get seriously complicated. I beg of you to not click on an order link and go through the Setcom buying procedure just yet. Why? Well, some of the products might be restricted in your country. No, we don't sell anything illegal but, for example, we cannot export certain systems containing certain types of encryption. There are patents and other IP rights. Some of you might not know it but common things like JPEG encryption, like used in digital cameras, must be licensed. Some components might contain chemicals not allowed in certain countries. We have a list of 230 countries with all their requirements and problems.

What else? The rest. Everything is variable. Tax is calculated differently. You might pay the sales tax in your country, so we must not add it here. Insurance is quoted as well as shipping (even though we have nice tables for each country and volumetric weights). So when you order something we need to contact the courier company for an official quote. We then inform you of the final price. After that you have to pay the money over into a holding account. For international orders we use an escrow service that safeguards both parties if credit cards are used. This adds another 6% to the sales price. This reason for this is to avoid fraud. People order large quantities, pay with a card, receive the order and then reverse the charge and we lose big time. With the escrow company in between both parties are protected. If we don't deliver they pay you back. If you reverse your charge after they received a Proof of Delivery, with no written complaint, then they will take it further (but we get paid). Note that we (and the escrow company) will require a residential address, a fixed line telephone and probably a trade reference or two (for large orders).

As soon as all the paperwork is done we will ship. Depending on the delivery solution you choose (based mainly on price) the package will land at your customs office in 2 to 6 days. Many countries will hold the package for another 2 days.

So the procedure, for international clients, is as follows: You pick the part numbers from the website/catalog and email us at sales@zerksus.com . We then email you back with a confirmation of the listed price as well as stock availability plus a guesstimate of the shipping (we will allocation the stock and hold it for 24 hours). If you agree on the initial quote then email back and we will proceed to obtain quotes for shipping, insurance and the costs of the escrow company. You will then email/fax a signed order with all details required along with proof of payment (in the case of EFT) or pay via Setcom/escrow. After that we will keep you informed where your package is until you receive it. Please note that, using an escrow service, we don't get our money until the waiting period (between 7 and 14 days after POD) has passed.

Regarding EFTs: Wiring money directly to our South African bank has its advantages, with the disadvantage that we won't process your order until the funds are visible. The first advantage is cost. We will waiver the 4.9% transaction fee and just add the deposit bank costs, which is much less. Secondly we can bypass the escrow service, which means that you must trust us more that we trust you. By bypassing the escrow service you don't pay the extra 6%. I would suggest this method of payment for large orders where cost gets very sensitive. Bottom line, if you can wait you will save around 10% on the total cost.


For the loyal local citizens:

Stock level disputes:

When you click on "Add to Card" your item is added to the Setcom shopping list. Each time you refresh the catalog page the items are updated with the latest price (which should stay stable and the current stock level -which obviously varies with sales). You can choose the quantities from our site but also edit them in Setcom's list. This means that you can buy more than what is available in stock. If you do then we both have a problem. To easily settle the dispute we embed the stock levels in the Setcom list, so the client cannot come back and say that there was stock while there actually wasn't. Now we sit with your money and you will less items. In that case we will contact you and ask if you want a refund on the delta or if we should order. If you want a refund then we will pay back the difference excluding Setcom charges. BUT if you want to order the non-stock component the price might differ from the current stock price. In that case we will give you the option to pay in the difference or we will pay you back, on the original difference minus costs.

Small, Large and Non-Stock orders:

You will notice 3 types of buttons per item. The first is a small quantity "Add to Card". Here you can buy the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of items. The second button (or set of buttons)  is the large quantity "Add to Card". You will notice that these are lower in price per unit. The last button type is the non-stock "Add to Card" button. Here you can place an order based on a budgetary price, which is normally much higher than the other two prices. Why higher? When we produce a batch of components we might make 1000 PCBs. Depending on the flow of sales we might determine that it is not a fast mover, hence the next cycle we can only afford to make e.g. 100 PCBs. This means that the smaller quantity prices will be higher. If your order is approaching or exceeding the large order quantities then don't click or buy anything. Send us an email and we will prepare a proper quote for you. In fact if you are thinking large rather email because we can almost always give discount on a large dedicated order.

Also note that non-stock orders can take up to 12 weeks (maximum time to get components) down to 3 weeks (time required to get PCB made). If we have the components in stock we may only have to get it assembled. In all cases we have to pay an additional +-R1000 to setup the production line. This needs to be spread over the order for each unit.

Non-Web sales:

The web is just a nice online catalog and tool where you can claim stock and be sure your order will be delivered before someone else grabs the stock. If you are unsure just email (we don't hand out our telephone numbers over the internet) and we will make arrangements. I, myself, find it seriously stressful to place large orders over the internet on my credit card. Most of the times I want to know that there is a warm blooded person on the other side. With both international and local sales you can transfer funds to our account. Standardbank transfers are immediate to we can proceed almost immediately. With Setcom you can transfer funds from your bank account or credit card to your own Setcom account and then transfer the correct amount to us. There should be no problem with any of these methods. You can be sure that there are warm blooded people on the other side of the transaction.

The dreaded credit card decline situation:

I have been through that myself. "Transaction Declined". Now you sit there and wonder what went wrong? Did it go through? Should I try again? Well, with our system please stop stressing. Because I hate the same situation I wrote special software to notify everybody. Don't try the transaction again. It will likely fail again. So you have done your list,  clicked on the shipping, tax and insurance, billing address, loaded the card (maybe it was pre-loaded) and now it tells you "Transaction Declined".  So what happens now? You say to yourself: "I really wanted that stock   !!!" and swear a little (or a lot).

Again, don't stress. Here is what happens behind the scenes. If the transaction was successful you will receive an email with all the details and we will get the same. So why not in the case of an unsuccessful transaction? In the case of "Transaction Declined" you are covered. We love you :-), and we will hold your stock for 24 hours. If you go back to the catalog you will notice that all the stock levels have dropped by your order quantity. You will also get an automated email, to your Setcom email account, with all the details, "Do not panic" message and whatever else we have on the transaction. At the same time the server sends emails to the sales people, to the courier company (if they have the stock) and currently to 2 cell phones. We will hear your cry. Next the server will decrease the stock levels by increasing the temporary allocation numbers. Thus no one can over order and take your stock. You just contact us (or we will contact you) and we will sort it out. If this happens after hours or weekends/public holidays then we will get the message on our cell phones and will sort it out as soon as humanly possible. Again, don't worry.

Where is my package?

From the moment we receive the order all progress and problems will be emailed to you. You will receive regular emails from Setcom, as we change the status, and direct emails. You will be provided with the Waybill number and courier contact details. When in doubt call, quote the number, or use the online facilities some couriers provide and you will know where your precious package is. With the Waybill number in hand you have full control. If you suddenly have to be somewhere else and you cannot receive the package yourself then call the courier company and re-arrange.    

Damaged or missing goods:

Each situation will be handled by its own merits. If the contents were damaged in transit and it was properly packaged then we will claim on the insurance and reship. If the courier has a convincing argument that it was our fault then we will pay for the reshipment with new stock. If the damaged or missing items are 80% or less than the total shipping cost then we will refund the delta articles.

The items leave fully tested from our manufacturing facility. Please refer to the particular warranty of the item. If an item is soldered, overheated, bears water damage, appears to be damaged by static discharge or has physical scratches and dents the warranty will normally be void. Certain items, like tracking systems, are designed to be mounted in places where it will have industrial double sided tape marks and general scratches and will be covered by its  warranty.

Each item has its own list of Dos and Don'ts. Where the cost of the unit outweighs the shipping costs we may or may not ship units to and from the client. Please keep in mind that we are not in the business of shipping R10 faulty components at R70 to R100 per trip. We will rather refund.




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