ByteBlasterMV compatible Programming Cable (Not yet ready for ordering: 3 weeks)

Minimum order quantity: 1 unit

This is one of those fundamental requirements if you want to program an Altera FPGA. The problem is that they can get pretty expensive. This is the Zerksus version of the ByteBlasterMV and can be used for 3.3V and 5V FPGAs. It is also possible to program an EPCS configuration EPROM via a suitable FPGA using the Altera Flash programmer software via .jic files. In the case of the EPCS chips it is thus not a necessity to have a ByteBlasterII cable as well as a second connector on the board. Plainly put, this cable is all you probably will need to program your Altera FPGAs and configuration devices.

The design has been finalized and is out for manufacturing. The first units should be available in 3 weeks. If you want us to hold stock for you please email me at or


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