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The caduceus coil is a coil configuration that I find very interesting whereas other 'enlightened' professionals find it completely useless. Mathematically this device cancels out all magnetic fields and basically becomes a resistor (as only the real part of the impedance remains). I myself have build some and shoved large currents through them with rather weird and unexpected results.  I built a rather large one (about 1 meter in length) with many meters of wire on it. The inductance was about 28nH. I battled to read this value as my LCR meter does not reliably go down this low. With this device I caused huge magnetic disturbances 2 to 3 meters away, which is kind of weird for a device that has cancelled all its own fields. I then wired a similar coil (conventional) on the same rod with 1 and 3 times the length as used on the caduceus. In both cases the coil had to be placed close the affected site to produce a noticeable effect. The caduceus produced large effects in the direction of the rod whereas the conventional coil produced the common bar-magnet field patterns. This test was done rather empirically but it was quite evident that the caduceus did not 'lose' its effects as expected when looking at the cancelled fields.



On 2006/07/23 I built a driver circuit to drive the coil. I found it was rather difficult to do as the coil has virtually no impedance and only ohmic/real resistance. The circuit was later tuned to a low resonant frequency and delivered about 30Watts of power to the coil. When activated it I could taste my metal fillings in my mouth. I pointed the coil at the wall and after a while left to go watch a DVD. After about an hour I went outside to get some fresh air. I looked up and saw this weird cloud in the middle of nowhere, just hanging there (probably a few kilometers away). It took me a few minutes to realize that this cloud was formed around the axis of the caduceus coil in my lab (through a double brick wall). This was at around 16h45. I went upstairs, looked at the setup and it was still running, and thought to myself that I should take a few photos. I took the 1st photo around 16h50. I took the last one 17h18, because after that the light was so bad I could not get the camera to focus anymore. After that the cloud was still visible for a while. The strange thing was that the weather was getting colder, more windier and that a lot of other clouds were blowing it, yet 'that cloud' was just hanging there. My photos spanned 30 minutes. I switched it off around 17h40.

Why didn't I do it again? Well, firstly my PC's harddrive died. In fact, all 4 of the drives in the full tower started behaving funny. The drives were fully functional, just that certain files were gone or corrupted. The FAT seemed fine. The coil was about 1.5meters away from the PC. Also, it started to rain heavily in our area. We only get summer rain and that was smack in the middle of winter. Now the cloud I could try and understand, but the heavy rain for days seemed also impossible, especially for days on end. I still don't know if I should post the photos.

In the beginning of 2008 someone asked me to have a look at the superconducting properties of ORMUS and the effects it has on the body (well, all living matter). After some experimentation I build up a concept of a model of how ORMUS materials can exhibit super conduction. This linked up with some other research I did in 2002/2003 with an anti-oxidant called "MegaHydrinTM". One of the researches done mentioned the H- ions on the DNA and how free radials pluck these off and destroy the DNA structure. After some deep thought, and looking at ORMUS structures, it now looks that the outside edge of the DNA structure also appears to has superconducting properties. The DNA is a double helix and it occurred to me that if the electrons run on the one edge and back on the other, without ohmic resistance that the DNA cell will emit a scalar wave (due to the canceling field), use almost no power and will then communicate with other structures. My gut feel is that we already have these micro coils operating inside us.... billions of them.


A few years ago I tried to couple two caduceus coils togther ( few meters apart) to get the communication effect (pencil beam) in order to transmit data. I got nothing. But I think I went about it the wrong way. When other experimenters, like JL Naudin, played with the scalar concept they all went with the idea that these waves travel through solid metal (Gauss shielded boxes). In Naudin's experiment he caused a click from an AM radio hidden inside a metal box. Others build more elaborate shielded spheres but none did it with another caduceus coil.

The one obvious thing about Naudin's experiment is that the radio did pick up a signal. This implies that some energy was spent to get the circuit to respond. The question is how much? And did the energy come from the transmitter or elsewhere? One of my hopes is that we can aim this through buildings or even the earth. Thus communication will become line of sight. But if the beam gets weaker as it travels through solid matter (as do all other EM waves) then this point to point idea might not work that well pointing it through the earth. Thus Johannesburg/South Africa to New York/USA might be unrealistic. My other aim, with 2x coils, was that if I can transmit almost unlimited bandwidth that I can then receive it at the same speeds. But it seems that the Rx side will have EM limitations.

Does the beam diverge? When in the near field (meters away) strange things happen around the coil but the beam itself seems straight. I have been seriously wondering about why the clouds would form around it (a rather large radius around it!). Is there a near field around the entire beam? This is so far difficult for me as I do not have something yet to measure it like an EM meter. If it does have a near field, and it influences water, then it might not be such a clean cut solution as there might be health risks involved that we don't understand yet. But some divergence would be welcome with data transmission. The earth is constantly changing shape as the moon moves around it. When the moon is above the earth's surface it lifts that section up by 18 inches. Just think about the waves in the sea. This actually becomes significant when implementing long distance free space lasers (for communication). The alignment constantly changes between the Tx and Rx. But if the Tx's beam is diverged then the Rx side can detect within the radius of the laser. Unfortunately you lose power this way.If the scalar wave is highly directional but it can be spread out a bit then it might help, but again will it lose power?

The near field(s) still intrigue me. It definitely has a measureable magnetic feel to them but it still penetrated my metal PC, harddrive enclosures and messed up the data on the drives. So maybe, along this beam, there exist magnetic fields that interact with other conventional coils, circuits and water. The real question is how much energy will normal coils require to generate such intense fields as to affect water vapor so intensely as well as wipe harddrives behind shielding? Does the scalar wave pass through space without any hinderance and the local space around it forms highly intense fields in sympathy? All I know is that I only drew 30W of power from the PSU and then drove the coil very ineffectively from it. Currently I am busy with a new driver design to more effectively emit a scalar wave. Plus I should also have equipment ready to drive it from DC to around 250MHz.

If anyone has any ideas on the near fields then please send me an email to victor@zerksus.com


Picture taken from one of the sites below.


The links below are commonly found on Google and represent only a small fraction of the activity on this topic. Some of these experimenters have very little physics background and will come up with the weirdest explanations, yet they have tried!


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