Display Lighting

Please note: Currently we do have the product here at Zerksus, BUT because of too many people involved, doubt about who owns which portion of the IP and complete confusion about which company actually owns the stock this particular version of the product will be canned. If you see a very brightly lit house, during Xmas in Centurion, you will know where all the stock was installed :-)

If anyone is still interested in a product like this (and the required quantities exceeds a 100 units) please let me know. I will then redesign for your requirements. victor@zerksus.com



(Types of lighting available)

(Drive unit circuit: 16A per channel version with inline fuses)

(Photo of complete drive unit will be uploaded soon)

Driver units:

Zerksus also designs 220V drivers for decorative lighting. We currently have a 4 channel driver that can drive up to 16A per channel. The device is also programmable. The user can enter a 16 step program per channel. The sequence is stored in the device and will be recalled when powered up. This is ideal for complex displays. The sequence's speed can also be controlled.

We do not currently have a unit that operates on 110V as we have not yet received any such requirements. This requires only a power supply change and we will, if the quantity is right, gladly produce it for a 110V based country.

The product currently sells for R1200 (ex VAT)  to the public.


We can also supply the lights. There are various versions and it will be listed soon. We sell per meter but will give discount if purchased per roll and even more if bought in multiple rolls. If you cannot wait please email us and we will quote you on the different options.


We will give a generous discount to dealers. We will require personal and company details as well as at least 3 trade references. The minimum order quantity will be 20 units and will be strictly cash, bank transfer or credit card (when available). Discount on larger quantities is negotiable.


This type of lighting is getting more and more popular. It is easy to route, fairly safe and produces beautiful effects. It is used by town councils to beautify the streets, shop owners to draw attention and has recently hit the world as a new Christmas craze. In Cape Town the winning decorated house can win the owner up to R50 000. This is also the next level of sign writing where the simple vinyl sign is not good enough anymore.

Contact us at info@zerksus.com