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The reason I got into electronics and computers was music. I wanted to build gadgets. But then you have to pay the bills, feed the kids etc... and the initial fun intent goes out the door. Every so often I still get together with Frans Pieterse to jam. This recording (still very bad and full of noise) was done to play around with my new B-2 condenser microphone. We basically did everything with single takes. The setup was the acoustic guitar recorded directly via the microphone on a Audigy 2 card with external box. I overlayed a bit of bass. Frans basically sang in one or two takes on a different track and we called it a night. Lots of noise from the PCs and air conditioner.  But then it was just for fun.

You can download from the link above. In terms of copyright, ... well just don't sell it. Roy Orbison has been dead for years now and he recorded this when my dad was just a boy so I don't think he would care... but the record company might. If you like these type of tunes then you will like the rest of Roy's stuff.


Frans and I were in the same class in high school (many years ago) and we still stay in regular contact to jam. He is actually an attorney but makes more money with his tool-hire business. We now have all the equipment and gadgets needed to make we just need some time and talent.:-)


Here is a photo of me (Victor) roughing it at Rustlers. The pair of us make good closet rockers :-)


Here is a picture of the microphone used. No matter what people might say I would rate this a stunning piece of audio equipment. After playing around for a few minutes I swapped this microphone with my stage dynamic microphone. I use a Behringer MIC100 tube preamp (also excellent). It is like someone pulled a pillow over my head. Its sucks big time in comparison with the B-2. If you want a B-1 or B-2 I can put you in contact with someone in South Africa that will get it at a very good price for you.



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