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Some more fun

On the 8th of September 2006 I went to Rustlers. If you ever want to find yourself then you have to go there ...because your mommy probably forgot you when she went there. To book or to get on the mailing list visit


I camped out, which was nice, but there are rooms available. Won't suggest a low profile sports pack BMW though :-)


On the border of Lesoto. Life slows down here to the point where you can think.


Not even a 12 mega pixel camera will give you an idea of how beautiful it is there.





Marimba house. Used for ceremonies. All natural materials except for the old TV tube used as a recycled window, a few small lights and plastic chairs.



This you have to experience to understand it. African sweat lodge... and I am not joking about the sweat part !!! This is also held at other venues like Rivonia, so call Niyan to book. You have to experience it at least once.


Behind Marimba house.


Inside Marimba house


Dung floor. Don't worry, it doesn't smell.


Yes, you can order food and booze. Here you will meet the owner, Frik.



Outside at the restaurant.




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