Products Planned 2006/02/16

Early in March the first batch of ByteBlasterMV Compatible cables should be available for order. Estimate price is $25 to $26.

About middle of March the first Cyclone 1C3 prototype boards should be available. Currently only available in South Africa but alternative plans can be made for overseas orders. Estimate price is $87 to $90.

About end of March the first stand-alone readers-controllers and PC software and interfaces will be ready for order. If you want to make money without stretching your brain then watch this product. The readers will sell for about $180 (discount for distributors can be negotiated). The PC software and interface will also sell for a one-off (per site) of $180. Cannot beat that price! If anyone is interested in reselling this product and/or just installing it please email me at for more details. I am currently busy with a business plan on how to increase income streams from this product and how to kick dust in other security product companies eyes. This product is so novel that we only found one other company in the world with a similar product at about 10 times the price. Make a bookmark and watch this space!

Andre Maartens is getting in gear to provide his services to the general public. Later today he is sending me pictures of jobs done on aircraft wiring (will post them as soon as I get them: NOTE GOT THEM. See then at this_link). If you live in South Africa and have a light aircraft I urge you to contact him. You are probably flying a death trap. He will redo the wiring and qualify your aircraft for you. This is the same person that designs and manufactures strobe flash lights, antennas and intercom systems for microlights.