News (2006/05/25)

Reader Controller update

Things are speeding up :-) I have been promising several clients this product for months now and for months progress has been stalled. Well, we have geared up and will soon have the pre-production units in the field. Below is the master (in the hands of the master, Dries Laas) of the reader controller.

I also like to thank some people for the support of my projects including Johannes Coetzer (Electocomp), James Schlebusch (NuVision components), Alva (WAP Electronics), the two Andrews at RFdesign  and the guys at Bosco (they make excellent double sided PCBs). You always think you are alone with such a project and when you look around you are surrounded by all these wonderful people helping you.

The pictures do it no justice. It just feels nice and professional. The chassis will be cast from tough translucent poly urethane. The first ones will be a funky blue and should attract the attention of architects wishing to beautify their new office blocks.

As said in previous posts, this device is a complete access controller in one package. We are trying to make it idiot proof and low cost at the same time. I have done another cost and sales comparison for our freelance project manager (Rod Bowes) and the figures are scary. The advantages for both the sales rep and installer are huge. I cannot release all the figures now but as a sales rep you should be able to buy that new 3 series BMW cash within the 1st year and still have lots left :-)

Sorry about the picture quality. I quickly took this with my Nokia 6680.

Unit from the front:

There are 4 holes to be drilled for installation. 3 for the wall plugs and a 8 to 10 mm hole to feed the cable through the wall or gooseneck. Production units will be coloured. We have a wide range of colours and plastic types so for a little bit extra cost you have your own custom look and feel for your installations. We will stock them as standard in a few popular colours. The current design uses red and green LEDs, but there are various shades and intensity LEDs as well as the slightly more expensive blue type. Because of the type of plastic used the light will bleed through the chassis and provide a glow that will enhance the look and feel especially at night.


Unit from the rear (product units will be potted and no circuitry will be visible).

The rear will mount flush against a flat surface, e.g. wall. The multi-core cable will exit just above the top-centre of the circuit board. The cable will contain all the connections you need to install the unit. Externally the most important will be the lock/switch and 12V PSU connection. The final product will be potted in electronics grade epoxy and should be fairly splash proof. The only component that will stick out of the epoxy will be the buzzer. Its height was designed so that it will stick out but not to interfere with the mounting surface.


Please email me at or for more information.