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This page will mostly contain our internet service and will be updated soon. If you require a custom server (Linux based), with a fixed IP address, then drop me an email at either victors@mweb.co.za or victor@zerksus.com

What kind of service?
1) Vehicle tracking: Have your modem send data to the server instead of to a home ADSL-like fixed IP. The server is always on, 24/7 power backup and has a very fast connection to the internet.
2) Smart phone app: If you have the next hit in smart phone apps but you need to process data, i.e. the client's phone/tablet needs to connect to something, then you can either have us write the server code or code it yourself.
3) FIFO/Pipe like service. If you have something like a dynamic  IP/prepaid SIM modem that needs to connect to a known IP (always on) but you want to want to process the data on your own computer. This can be facilitated  through the server in the form of a FIFO/pipe/queue. Each device can send data to the server, without expecting any data back. At the same time your home computer can upload data, for a device, that gets delivered to that device. This means that your home "server" does not need to be directly connected to any of the devices. If that PC loses connection then all the data gets buffered in the server. If your mobile device loses connection (e.g. going through a tunnel, power down etc...) then the server data will be waiting then the device comes online.
4) Simple proxy server: If you want 2 or more dynamic IPs to talk to each other then talk via our server. Examples include having 2 RaspberryPIs talk to each other over the internet or even 2 or more smart phones. Keep in mind that you can generally not talk to a device behind a firewall (e.g. via a SIM connection), it needs to talk first. With a link like this you load software on a RaspberryPI and get console access to your device.

We just need to negotiate price based on disk space, CPU power used as well as internet bandwidth.
At present we will need to write custom code for you but hopefully, in the near future, we can provide the FIFO or proxy services as simple and cheap pre-paid services with an open API.



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