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Magnum Soldering Iron

Upgrade (2009/07/07)


Check out the following!!! This is so cool

Magnum MD100 Solder Paste Dispenser


I normally transfer the paste into another syringe. The problem is that your damn fingers hurt after a while. This new brain-wave from Angelo takes away all the pain. Just load and squeeze. At R200 (ex VAT) this will be one of the most useful tools you could own if you do any form of SMD work by hand. Just follow the link below.


Tips: The paste will flow differently at different temperatures. Pre-heat the entire holder and syringe to a manageable temperature, e.g. 30C. After that do the whole board at once. Also pre-heat your board. It does not require high temperatures, but if you can keep the board at 50C for the duration of the application it will help. To do that heat something large up with enough thermal mass to keep the board warm. Don't go too high else the paste will dry out. This will help to make the paste from the syringe stick to the board. Remember less is more. Do the the entire board as once you apply pressure the solder paste will flow. Remember to release the pressure when done and also to insert the needle at the end. You don't want the paste to go hard in the tip. Also, don't overdo the heat when soldering. BTW, you don't need the best  air soldering pens (although it is better). Grab your temperature controlled Magnum station, and using the lowest temperature possible, hold the component with a fine tweezer and gently apply heat to the one side of the component. After you have soldered the entire board remember to clean it. The solder paste is made up out of very small solder balls (easily seen under a 10x microscope) and flux. When doing soldering by hand many of those little balls are not melted to the joint and will 'stick' around. This might cause a short. Depending on the type of components you can use as heavy as lacquer thinners, alcohol or water based soap. Remember to use a toothbrush to scrub the board. Don't use benzene. Nasty stuff. Lastly, NEVER apply heat to the syringe tip, ever. The solder melts and will plug the hole. You will be tempted to do so if the tip is cold and you want better flow. Rather put it in a over at 30C to 40C and wait.



To appreciate it more transfer some paste to another manual syringe and do a few drops.


(Click here to go to Magnum's site. Many of the products are not on their page. Just call them and request the product ... and tell them Victor says hello ;-)

(Zerksus is not affiliated to Magnum in any way. We also do not sell their products. We just like their stuff :-)


See new picture below. More will be added on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a Magnum soldering station then you are kind-of at the right place. The owner and manufacturer of the Magnum soldering stations called me to say that this page is the no. 1 hit on the Ananzi search engine (for Magnum solder or soldering stations). So seeing that we have shared a few coffees together I will share my web hits as well. Either follow this link or send me an email and I will forward it to the right people. I have also been told that the picture below is ugly (and I agree) but have you ever seen a neat engineer before :-) I will add better pictures and sneak preview details as we progress. If you want to be ready for lead-free then this will be the product for you.


If you reached this page from a search engine then you can go to the home page at Zerksus

I am currently busy with the new Magnum soldering upgrade. Due to the new lead free solder requirements the temperature must be better controlled. My client requires a +- 4C temperature control. So far I have had successes down to +- 2C. Believe me that it is a dream to solder at such stable temperatures and should make the transition to lead free so much easier.

So a 'temperature controller' is a 'temperature controller' is a 'temperature controller'? No, not that easy. The time constant is very long, the variables dodgy and slapping a simple PID controller on to it won't make it work. In fact using standard ICs to do the job causes swings up to +- 30 C. The drop in temperature causes solidifying of solder and eventual dry joints. The severe overshoots causes heavy oxidization and component damage, not to mention the reduction of the iron's lifespan. I have been busy for quite some time now just analysing data. The best I could do so far with normal control techniques was +- 10C. I have consulted experts in math tools, surfed megabytes searching the internet for similar circuits and measured numerous time constants. After staring at the screen for many hours I came up with a hybrid of  a number of control techniques that borders on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

My suggestion is that if you want to invest in a cost effective solution for a lead free solder station then wait for this product to hit the market.

You won't be able to buy this product directly from me but only through Magnum products/Lauren Manufacturing and their agents.

New prototype PCB


The crude lab setup. I am currently using the power supply from a standard 2004, some of the insides of a 3005 and fancy uC board. The final product will be a very small circuit containing a lot of punch.

Feel free to email any other questions to victor@zerksus.com






Magnum products/Lauren Manufacturing 



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