News (2006/04/05)

Black and White Video Overlay Card (Hot of the press)

Zerksus has developed a black and white (still needs to be configured for colour) overlay card. The card takes in PAL video and overlays up to 512 pixels per line. A built-in font generator prints text at a X,Y location. The user can also draw using standard pixels and lines. Each pixel can be programmed to be 1 of 4 values. The default is to let the video through with the other 3, programmed via a DAC, to be presets from black to white on a 256 level scale. The user interfaces to the unit via a RS232 interface as well as LVTTL inputs.

The card was developed for a semi-military observation system and will be subjected to extreme testing in the next few months. The commercial applications include security and Point of Sale monitoring.

The card contains a built-in CPU. If required the card can be supplied with an SDK (command line GNU compiler, libraries and example code) for an additional license fee. Under the control of the SDK the user will also have access to about 30 I/O lines as well as a LVDS Tx and RX pair. The card has 32 MB of SDRAM and 1MB of Flash (shared between font tables and program memory)

The user has to supply power. These will include +5V, -5V, +3.3V and +1.5V.

The price will start at roughly $950 USD but should drop to about $800 USD for quantities of 20 or more. Note that this product is designed for military applications in mind.


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