News (2006/05/18)

What is happening at Zerksus

There has been no news posted in the last month. The reason for this is that we have been intensely busy on numerous business and private projects. I am also in the process of finishing up on my B.Eng Hons (Computers) degree which is delaying the progress on promised products. That should be over by middle of June 2006.

For those who are following the trials and tribulations of Denel in South Africa will know that they are suffering severely. I am currently involved with one affiliate and will soon move to over to help another. Yet another thing that is keeping me busy.

As to the products on this site: Many of the products are ready and tested on prototype level. I currently have many sub-contractors that I can just call to have stuff made. To facilitate this process I am contracting a project manager to streamline production and make sure inventory is up to date. This means that products, like the access control and lighting products, will be available soon and in ready supply with support.

For the more upmarket client (in my line of work this usually means military manufacturers) a new service will be started soon. Most of the 'big guys' are usually only systems integrators. They buy complete sub-systems and integrate them into their platforms. The problem is that these clients (and their clients) require 15 year support of products. Zerksus is capable of specifying, designing and manufacturing such products but because of size will be overlooked for large production contracts. The plan is to start a holding company that will have all the required expertise and that will be around in 15+ years to support the products. This means that Zerksus will have the backing of software, electronic hardware design, CAD and manufacturing as well as mechanical design and manufacturing. The main idea is to have a single point of entry to design and support products for long periods of time.


Please email me at or for more information.